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Our mission

Our mission is to provide the best service
for you and your business.

Our mission is to take its traditional print media platform and develop it into a totally unique multimedia information provider, putting the readers’ demands at the heart of everything it does.
Our priority is to provide our readers with outstanding content, wherever and whenever they want it, regardless of medium. For many of our readers this means our printed magazines, for others it means our websites and our digital magazines. Our readers are the life blood of all our publications. All our websites will have blogs and forums, and encourage readers to submit text, pictures and video content, providing a truly unique business to business community. We offer our advertisers the opportunity to reach our readers across multiple mediums. Whether it’s using our traditional niche business to business printed publication or rich media across our digital magazines and websites.

We always deliver a great service, a compelling environment and clear information.
We are entering a truly exciting time for media, where readers come first and only the most innovative and technology-embracing publishing companies will survive. At CIM, we are taking business publishing on to a new level which can only benefit readers and advertisers alike.

Sometimes, to ensure that a talented individual will work for you, or will stay working with you, you need to be flexible. Money is not always the great motivator here. Talented people want a good salary, of course, but surprisingly often they are more attracted to new opportunities and challenges.

John Denning
Managing Director

Our Services

Are you a restaurant owner, salon owner, financial advisor, driving instructor looking for a different way to fill appointment space by targeting your local area? Are you a product distributor looking to grow your brand online? Find out how we can help your business!

Social Media Campaigns

We are now creating, launching and managing eye-catching and effective Social Media Campaigns for companies and businesses worldwide who have an exciting service or a product to offer within the UK.

Direct Marketing

We will be creating and monitoring your Direct Marketing campaigns, each would be specific to your company, and will be promoted directly to your target audience in your targeted location(s).

Web Design

It is our job to plan and create a website to your exact requirements. This includes everything from the layout to the colours, fonts, graphics and structures you want, as well as creating the interactive features that deliver pages for your visitors to see and interact with.

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